August 9, 2017

It pays to know Caju

Caju is a complete brand identity solution for a perk notification platform. This was an agency project that also involved me in the naming stage. People in my professional network should recognise Caju from my most recent PDF portfolio

I originated the seed idea that became Caju. Caju means cashew in Portuguese and is also widely understood in various non English-speaking territories. The brand is aimed at middle eastern markets, at first, and then other major territories such as Brazil, towards a global market

I proposed Cashew as a phonetic and metaphorical play on the cache of a web browser. As perks often go unnoticed they are like hidden treasures, in the same way that a web browser's cache is a trove of useful information available to those who know how to use it. Caju is all about making perks and benefits available to credit card holders and employee reward scheme members, and is designed to also entice users into other memberships on seeing perks they might have

From a range of solutions, this solution was selected to go into development with a specialist web and mobile apps agency. I also articulated the positioning line 'perk notification platform' as well as the brandline 'it pays to know', which plays on a common English phrase

Unfortunately, Caju hasn't become the success that we had hoped but the thinking in the brand identity, which we think is rather clever, is worth celebrating. I hope you agree...

You can read more about this brand identity solution here and you can see the brand itself here. And, if you're interested to see more, the other solution that I proposed can also be seen here