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This is a summary page of what you can expect from me. In the slider above you'll find visuals of projects for other clients. Below are suggested criteria to measure the value of my work (and process) against other potential brand identity suppliers. Feel free to browse the rest of this website to see projects presented across the different aspects of a brand experience

High quality process and result

Brand identity suppliers vary dramatically in quality. This is evident in the proposed process and work done for previous clients. The most telling aspect in the quality of a supplier's service is the portfolio on show. Does it look professional? Does the work speak for itself? Is there a consistent quality of concept and visual presentation across all projects? This is further evidenced by professional history. Does your potential supplier have experience at top named brand agencies? Does your potential supplier have a history of working with established SME, startup and corporate clients directly?

Evidence-based scope of work (SOW)

All aspects of the brand identity creation process is clearly scoped out. The number of days required for each stage is costed at a day rate. The brand creation phase is offered at a fixed number of days and the implementation phase varies for individual items. All major touchpoints feature in the work presented for consideration, visualising key deliverables in order to facilitate the selection of a single concept. For all proposed SOWs you can expect to see entire client presentation examples for all featured projects on this website

What, precisely, do I do?

I'm a strategy-led brand identity specialist. This means that I do a short, deep-dive into the workings of your business, familiarising myself with your industry and getting to the good stuff quickly. The better expressed your business strategy the better we can establish a brand strategy based on the work that I produce for you. If you'd like a formal brand strategy I can help you arrive at one based on your business strategy. You'll get the best value from me across all the visual and verbal aspects of your brand experience. This includes, but is not limited to, naming, tone of voice, brand messaging and visual brand identity design

Getting in touch

Please click the button below and fill out the form to the best of your ability. Don't worry too much about getting all of this right. Once I know that you're interested I'll be sure to ask all the necessary questions so that we can scope out a carefully considered body of work