Hello. My name is Andrew Sabatier and this website is my public-facing professional portfolio

My core competency is brand identity design. You'll get the best working with me in the related and overlapping areas of business strategy and brand strategy. I’m not a business strategist or a dedicated brand strategist but I know what high calibre brand strategy looks like. With this in mind, I can supplement as well as augment strategic brand thinking. To get a better idea of what I do see my skill-set as listed below

I champion a unique approach that handles brand as operating system. This takes the idea of brand as organising principle to the next level and to its logical conclusion

A proprietary brand-oriented language to better create and manage brand experiences also supports my approach. This involves thinking about brands as sets and nested sets of brand-marks that fall into three categories: material, linguistic and gestural

Theoretical thinking about brand creation and management aside, the proof is in the pudding. To see more about what I do for business please take a look through the brand identity work that I've developed

Brand identity solutions


Up-front thinking*

Brand narratives


Symbol ideas*


Supporting brand-marks*

Display typefaces

Brand expression*

Brand messaging

Presentation copywriting

Tone-of-voice ideas


Packaging brand visualisations

Advertising concepts

Presentation visuals

Brand books

Creative brand strategy


Brand essence ideas


Business descriptions 

Positioning lines*


Category invention*

Brand strategy

Compiling & supplementing 

brand strategy documents

The linked items above (*) are as presented on this website and not exhaustive or exclusive. For example, advertising concepts and packaging brand visualisations do not have a dedicated menu section and appear within some of the featured brands

Please contact me if you would like to see examples of listed items not featured

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